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Everyone is so obsessed with social media that based on the number of followers and likes and comments, reviews a brand's quality and worth is decided. Not many know that most of them have ‘fake’ likes, comments and reviews. They are done for money, without actual work being applauded. It isn’t totally bad, that’s not what we meant! But, when your work is seriously not up to the mark, socialising and opting for paid likes and trying to get business out of it, isn’t healthy on the social media. You will definitely fall one day, to an extent that you will never arise again!
When your work is genuine and has a purpose, getting few likes and comments from a reliable source will help you get the due credits and your hard work will never go wasted. So, how to get real likes and comments, both automatic and manual either in bulk or individual? 18 Must Have Social Media Marketing Tips for Business - Hootsuite Blog

Anytime you can get in touch with many companies for real, manual Instagram views. Companies like Instaswift, buy followers guide etc. offer likes, comments, followers and much more services to help you get famous on social media. But, not just that, there must be efforts from your end to become a successful person or business! These are the things that you must work on:

Link both your FB and Insta accounts:

You all may know that Facebook has taken the Instagram app some time back. Merging them together will help you gather more people; those who view your Facebook account will also view your Instagram one. This is the first step towards your publicity improvises.

Get popular Hashtags:

Simply using hashtags as per your thoughts won’t really help you. But, using the right ones the most preferred ones and most regular ones will attract more people than usual. Sometimes you might have to think on your own and use your idea to get more likes. It depends upon what are you posting! If it’s a pic, then you surely have to be creative in using tags and see to it that they aren’t repeated. With one common tag, add a unique name, you are sure to see your pic floating across on top.

Below are few of the common hashtags that are mostly looked up on Instagram:

  • #instagood

  • #Cute

  • #Me

  • #Photooftheday

  • #Picoftheday

  • #summer

  • #instagramhub

  • #instadaily

And much more!

You may use these along with your creative ones, or try your new tag with a great pic in the background.


For pics, the most basic thing on insta, adapting few filters will sometimes make you click on sometimes makes your post lost. Filters need to be carefully chosen for the pic, otherwise, it might lead you to flops. Applying filters always don't need to be! You may sometimes go in for ‘raw’ pic to be posted, to maintain its natural look. For few pics, you may try the filters. Some of the common filters are,












In social media, people find ‘liking’ easier than commenting. But, the comment and like ratio should also be in line and sync with each other. So, how do you get people to comment on your post? Start by commenting on someone else’s picture and posts, you are most likely to receive the same from them. not just this, once when you start writing comments for others, they will also start liking and commenting back along with following too.

‘Like others’:

If you need fame and real likes, manually and views too; then you must do the same to others too. The more you like others pages, partial of them are sure to come back to you. Maybe it may be a favour returned or a new customer in the process.

Time Matters a lot:

Yes, the timing that you post matters a lot! Posting on times when not everyone is active and at odd hours will surely make your post sink. But, posting them at a time, when everyone is having a quick glance into the media, or relaxingly sits back to check out ie mostly on Monday mornings and Friday evenings PST timings are considered best. The in between weekdays that are equally good is Thursday and Wednesday at 3 pm. So, follow a pattern and stick to it, you will find likes coming your way.

Add a series of image, clubbing in one:

Rather than posting pics separately each time or posting just one face will be considered regular. Instead, why don’t you capture expressions and form a collage and post as one pic, they are considered as high views generators.

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